When you need eye care for dry eyes, you need to see an eye doctor. The optometrist can help you to relieve the problem and to feel better. Call Desert Eye Clinic in St. George, UT, to see the optometrist.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a condition that can be caused by not having enough tear film on your eyes to protect and lubricate them. It can also be caused by the tear film not being made well and not containing the right amount of the three layers of the film. Evaporative dry eye is caused by this tear film not having enough of the lipid layer. This makes the tears evaporate too quickly. A lot of things can make this evaporation even worse, causing dry eye. In most cases of dry eye, the meibomian gland has a dysfunction that causes too little of the lipid layer to be created for the eye’s tear film.

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Faster Evaporation

When someone has evaporative dry eye, there are a number of conditions that can cause the tear film to dry out even faster. When there isn’t enough tear film to coat the eye sufficiently, it can cause a lot of problems with your eyes. This can happen more quickly in the winter because the air is so dry. When the air is dry, it takes in moisture faster, which can mean it takes some moisture from your eyes. If you spend time in a room that is over-air-conditioned or you have a fan that faces you, this can also cause more problems with dry eye.

Dry Eye Symptoms

When you have evaporative dry eye, it can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms. It can make your eyes feel dry and rough. They may feel gritty, or like something in your eye that shouldn’t be there. Your eyes may burn or sting, and they may water as the eyes try to compensate for the dryness. Many patients also have strings of mucus in their eyes, and the eyes may turn red and itch. Many people with evaporative dry eye find that their eyes feel tired and strained and may have blurry vision. If you have these symptoms, you need to see an eye doctor for treatment for dry eye.

See the Optometrist for Your Eye Care

Getting your eye care from the optometrist is essential if your eyes are bothering you. Evaporative dry eye is a big problem that many people face. However, there are treatments available for it. When you need to see the optometrist, call Desert Eye Clinic in St. George, UT at (435) 465-2230 to make your eye exam appointment.